Empowering Children and Young Adults Through Basketball

We believe in the power of basketball to positively impact our young people and support their physical and personal development. Beyond establishing a foundation for proper basketball techniques, our focus is designed to help self-confidence, embrace teamwork, develop sportsmanship and learn the importance of physical activity, all while being competitive and having fun!
We are dedicated to the principle that success is not given, but earned through hard work, dedication and focus. We want to use the game of basketball as an instrument to teach life skills to youth who could be interested in using basketball as an instrument to earning a college degree. Basketball will end for all players at some point; however, the things you can learn from basketball can also make you a winner on and off the court in life!

Basketball Fun

Basketball is all about fun! There’s nothing like seeing your child hit a big shot or learning how to dribble circles around their defender. Our action-packed program keeps kids moving through our skill stations to learn and develop.

Fitness & Development

We shape future athletes by building athletic skills and teaching the importance of physical fitness.


We encourage physical activity through agility, coordination and balance.


Our program empower social development through teamwork, cooperation, and leadership.


We support emotional development by building confidence through optimism, encouragement and some “tough love”.


Our instructors help with mental development through listening, comprehension, memory and imagination.

Basketball Fundamentals

We are the first step and hopefully not the last in your young adults’ journey through the sport of basketball. It’s our goal to teach fundamental basketball skills in a fun, non-competitive or competitive environment. We teach the proper techniques for shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. We teach the skills that will last a lifetime creating a foundation for success with basketball at the next level


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It all began in the summer right before my freshman year of high school. I was one of the best baseball players in my hometown. I was fast and crafty and loved what I was doing. It was supposed to be fun but then it happened; a coach that didn’t seem to care about if we learned anything or even if we got better. A time that I felt hopeless became a blessing in disguise. Less than a few days later, the high school basketball coach asked me out of the nowhere if I wanted to try my hand at basketball. I had never quit anything, but I felt like I needed a radical change in my life. This is really where this journey began. Years felt like months, days felt like seconds, from high school to college to becoming an NBA player. Long hours of shooting and conditioning not only my body but my mind. My passion and focus became to be the best player and person that I could become. The youths of today will be the cornerstone of our society to carry on a legacy of desires and hope. The years of experience have shown me what is takes to work hard and to see the fruits of my labor. Not only on the basketball courts, but in life as well. My vision is to have these young individuals make a bigger positive impact than ever before, while using the game of basketball as a catalyst. Basketball is more than just a sport about being tall and shooting hoops, it’s a sport about teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. My purpose is to have these youths coming home not just knowing how to play the game of basketball, but loving it too!

“Remember to Always try to be a Better version of yourself, Tomorrow”!!!